Monday, September 11, 2006

Window of Opportunity

As the days get shorter and the colors turn to fall I reflect on a wonderful summer. I'm looking forward to going home via the Denali Hwy (which I can see out the kitchen window) to Talkeetna and visiting the good folks at Whole Wheat Radio.

When I got all loaded up to come up here to the Tangle River Inn to work the last 5 weeks of the season my Mitsubishi Montero died in my driveway with a full tank of gas. I'd come home for one last thing and that was Roxy and it wouldn't start. So Mr. FishTaxi gave me, Roxy and all my stuff a ride here. He got it fixed but wants to take it to the shop and have it checked out on a computer before they bring it up here. I don't want it to break down with all my stuff in the middle of nowhere.

So hopefully I'll get my rig back this weekend. Mr. Fishtaxi dropped it off at the shop this morning. Then he took off hunting for 3 days. A friend said she would take a day off work, if she has to, to drive it up here.

It was a good rig all summer. It got me to Lake Louise, Chitina a couple of times, Fairbanks and now I'm hoping it gets me out of here. In 10 more days!

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Ms.M said...

Man, what a view! It looks more like a framed picture then a window. Looks like you had fun. Have a safe trip home.