Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chess Players

My little friend who goes to swimming lessons, ballet lessons, loves to play chess. Here she is setting up the board. She's making mistakes but thats how you learn. At almost 4 years old she is catching on. I am so proud of her and love teaching her chess. She already plays a mean game of checkers. Our cats are interested in chess, too.


Anonymous said...

Doesen't she know about video games? Thats too cool she plays chess, Kath, I never learned, but it's not to late, is it? Jimmy

FishTaxi said...

Her grandma taught her checkers and when she came over here she spied the chess game. Now thats what she wants to learn. I'm amazed how fast she is catching on.

I took a video of her playing a video game. She's a normal kid!

sunshine unit said...

you have the best cats. and the best bed for making big messes on :D