Wednesday, January 17, 2007

the Ultimate taxi

The World Famous Ultimate Taxi is a 1978 Checker with 493,768 miles on the odometer. The Taxi has been modified with 4 Red Lasers, 1 Green Yag Laser Projector, Wildfire Blacklight Effects, Color Kinetics C-30's, LightWashers, LightOrbs, Mini-Strobes, Color Changing Fiber Optics, a Mirror Ball, a Dry Ice Fog machine, 14 Mini Stage Lights, a Killer 900 Watt Alpine 6 Disc CD System, the Yamaha PSR-620Keyboard, Yamaha DD-55 Digital Drums, a Nikon CoolPix 4300 digital camera, the Panasonic EZ-1 DV Cam, a Sony GRS700 Notebook Computer, a Sony Mini Dye-Sub Photo Printer , an Aironet 2 Megabit high-speed Wireless LAN, an SFX Haze Machine, a Nokia Cellular Phone, and 100 feet of Cool Neon EL Wire from Check out a Wheel, The SU-10 Midi Sampler, The Batteries In The Trunk, A Backstage Look At The Wiring, An Audio Mixing Board, Or A Picture Of The Ceiling Fan Mail Reservations Media Exposure Aspen Photos Links Memphis Hotel Deals And Discount Reservations Atlantic City Hotel Deals And Discount Reservations Drive Exotic Cars At Drive Your Dream Car San Diego Hotel Deals And Discount Reservations Discount Car Rentals Jeep Suspension And Truck Customization Your Web Team For Search Engine Optimization Next Advance Laboratory Instruments Biotechnology Lab Freedom Rocker Blot Processor Minneapolis Minnesota Business IT Products And Services San Antonio Hotel Deals And Discount Reservations New York City Hotel Deals And Discount Reservations Explorer Of The Seas St Thomas Coki Beach With Coral World In Background

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Why would anyone get out? Jimmy