Thursday, January 25, 2007

FishTaxi's Frontroom

I've been known to throw appliances outside in the snowbank every winter. That 32inch Phillips TV acting as the backup phone stand is going out the door if I have my way. Mr. FishTaxi thinks he can fix it. He can fly helicoptors too. In his dreams.
If I throw out the nonworking TV I could set up a fishtank in its place.
Halfrack (on the right with the 6 toes) and Little Sistor (whose not so little any more) are going stir crazy when they are not sleeping or eating.
Here they are staring each other down.


Heidi said...

I heard you were getting another storm. I hope you don't get buried.

Riverbrat said...

I vote the TV goes!

Anonymous said...

I say if it goes outside before the storm, you don't have to think about it till sping.