Sunday, January 28, 2007

Icy Port Wine

Went to Valdez town today for the first time since last year. While I was in the store the power went out. A few minutes later the back up generator kicked on so I was able to finish shopping and check out.

The sun has risen over Sugarloaf you just can't see it. Mr. FishTaxi took this picture looking towards the whale hatchery* from the ferry dock. That low brown cloud is from oil tanker emissions. Valdez was picked for the terminus of the Trans Alaska pipeline for being the northern most ice free port.

I made this quick flyer in Photoshop for some snowboarders who are looking for work. I'm running out of ink so thats why its in black and white. They wrote in names and phone number. This is turning out to be a profitable winter. Just need more ink.

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Riverbrat said...

What a cool idea. I wonder if I could hire a couple of kids to come scoop the poop. It piles up fast around here with two dogs. I usually find it by first, stepping in it.