Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My PFD Check

Received this nice email today:

Happy Holidays from the Permanent Fund Dividend Division!

January 1st marks the opening of the 2007 PFD application period. Thank you for applying online last year. We invite you to apply online for your PFD again this year by logging on to http://www.pfd.state.ak.us

The Early Bird gets paid first in 2007. Apply online in January, and select direct deposit. Qualified applicants will receive a dividend in the Early Bird Direct Deposit on October 3, 2007.

All other applicants who qualify for direct deposit will receive their dividend on October 17, 2007. Checks will be mailed beginning November 13, 2007.If you did not electronically sign your application last year, we encourage you to sign up for a myAlaska account at https://myAlaska.state.ak.us

Setting up a myAlaska account is easy. You choose your own username and password. With a myAlaska account, you can electronically sign your PFD application this year and for years to come. For the majority of applicants who electronically sign, PFD does not require additional paper documentation to be submitted. Once you set up a myAlaska account, you must be logged into your myAlaska account to electronically sign your PFD application. After you have logged into your myAlaska account, click on "Permanent Fund Dividend" to complete your online application with an electronic signature.

We appreciate any comments you have regarding our online application and electronic signature programs. Email your comments to Dividend_Information@revenue.state.ak.us We will try to respond to your email within one business day.

The PFD Division

This site shows how much money is in the fund and how much each Alaskan would be paid if it was paid in full today. www.mypfdcheck.com/index.htm wowza!


Anonymous said...

Kathy, I tried to comment to Ben & Niki on the family blog, but it tells me I'm not a team member. Can you help me figure this out this week? Thanx. I got phone calls from Doug & Mitch during the Boise State game, that was fun. I'm going to fly to Spokane next month and see Doug, it's been a few years since we spent a weekend hanging out. See ya, Jimmy

FishTaxi said...

Jimmy - I wonder why it isn't working. One thing I do notice different is you are now signed in as Jimmy and not annonomously. Try signing into Blogger on your blog first, then go to the Dashboard and try accessing our family blog from there. See yah soon I hope!