Monday, January 29, 2007

If Once You Have Lived in Alaska

By Marie L. Blood

If once you have lived in Alaska
You'll never be quite the same,
Even though you look as you've always looked,
And your name is the same old name.

You may travel the world around for the rest of your days,
or simply stay home and sew,
But Alaskan days and Alaskan ways
Will follow you wherever you go.

You may hob-nob with the finest bunch,
Or with an ordinary group just keep,
But you'll remember Alaskan friends
And dream of them in your sleep.

And you don't know why, nor can say how,
And you'll never ever know
Why Alaska is buried deep in your heart
Whether you're a Cheechako or Sourdough.

For there's something about this very land
Which leaves its mark forever---
And it could be the touch of the Master's hand
Bringing you closer to His endeavor.

Copyright 1981


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many people say " Someday I'm going to Alaska" and 3 of my sisters live there. Thru the cold, the snow, and the long winter nights, you guy's are living a dream that very few can say, " I was there "

Anonymous said...

I came here for something, not sure what, not sure if I found it, but I'm still here 20 years later. I don't realy have a desire to leave, cept maybe Hawaii ;-)

Kiana said...

"And you don't know why, nor can say how,
And you'll never ever know
Why Alaska is buried deep in your heart"

Amen sister.

I was just saying the other day, "BRRRRRR!" and at that exact moment thinking "why do I live here?" Yet I don't think I could call any other place home for good. I love it up here.

sunshine unit said...

i love that book!

people used to tell me how lucky i was to be from alaska because they could tell i took it for granted. it is a special place...but thats easy to forget when you're stuck up here all winter. no sun = :(

Niki said...

"I came for the gold (damn good reason)..." Robert Service.

More likely story is I'm just another one of the "men who don't fit in."