Monday, January 22, 2007

Snowbank Haven

Are you tired of looking at snow pictures yet? We got a light dusting of about 9 inches overnight. The Shitzubitchi won't start so I'm afraid its going sit all winter. We are looking for something else for me to drive. Not an old beater this time. I like the new Rav4 but not the price tag. Looking for something around 5 grand. A used 4wd Chevy S10 in good shape would be awesome to find. I check alaska craigslist every day. Just to torture myself I look for trucks in Washington and Idaho knowing they are over 3 thousand miles away. Good prices and nice shape though.


Riverbrat said...

I love the Rav4 too. Got to drive it when we were in car but like you, can't afford the price. There are some pretty good deals on Craigs list. We could probably find a way to get a car up to you via ferry. I know someone who did that once.

FishTaxi said...

Not a bad idea RiverBrat. I could fly down and drive it back up. Need to get a passport to drive through Canada now and I think to even fly into Alaska. So I better get a passport either way.

judy said...

I too love the new Rav4, and if not for my buyout I wouldn't own one. It's nice on the slick roads, and everything works on it. Not like the 90 Volvo