Saturday, January 20, 2007

Job Hunter

Weekends are not the same when you're unemployed. They are like any other day except for one thing, Hockey! My Alaska Nanooks lost last night 6-2...BUT they are going to come back tonight and win! I hope. They have lost 8 games in a row, poor guys. As a fan I'm used to it. My football team are the Packers and my baseball team are the Cubs. Even though my 'Nooks are in a losing streak I'm still tuning in and rooting them on, win or lose. Go Nanooks!

My unemployment is going to run out soon so I've been job hunting more diligently. Sent in a couple of resumes and emailed a former employer. Heli-coptor skiing will be starting up next month and thats always good for 3 months of work. I have a plan to work for myself this summer by starting my own business. I'm positive it will make money but will keep it under my hat until its a sure thing.
Thats my kitchen window peaking out from behind the snowbank. No snow today which was nice for a change.


Anonymous said...

So much snow Kath!
The pictures are really good. I enjoy them. I was on the family blog the other nite and now I can't get back on. It says my password is wrong but I wrote it down. Don't know what is the matter.

Dave goes into the hospitol on Wed for angiogram. If they can fix the problem they will. If not they will schedule open heart surgury. Pray for him. Love mom

Anonymous said...

The problem with getting a job is that you have to go to work. Jimmy