Monday, January 08, 2007

Cold Alert

It never fails. When we get clear skies sooner or later we get the winds. Its pretty cold. Thompson Pass has a travel advisory out due to high winds. I hope they die down by the weekend so I can go visit my sister in Kenny Lake. Just heard on the news its 28 below there! 2 below in Talkeetna where Whole Wheat Radio is. Happy Birthday Jimbob!

Its a balmy 10 degrees here but with the chill factor from the winds its got to be colder than that. Not as cold as where Prudhoe Man is though!

Took this picture from the bridge about 3:30 this afternoon on our walk. It was starting to get dark already.

Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

It was 50 degrees here today, I should have been golfing! But, by the end of the week they're calling for lows around 10. I hope you make it to the hoockey game, Love, Jimmy

FishTaxi said...

I think the hockey game is going to be outside! lol