Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Its 5pm and I'm in my pajamas already after shoveling snow and helping Mr. FishTaxi move stuff around in the yard. We always seem to wait til it really starts snowing to make room for the plow to move the snow into the backyard. And its really snowing now with more to come.
I prefer Hot Buttered Rums over Egg Nog drinks but a friend recommended this. Egg Nog and Kahlua with whipped cream folded in and chocolate syrup swirled on top. And it is yummy! Another good egg nog drink I had this morning is an egg nog smoothie. Frozen bananas and egg nog in place of milk. Different and not too bad. Tis the season!


Anonymous said...

All you will find in my Egg Nog is Whiskey and a dash of Cinnamon, thankyou very much. Niki will make them for us.

FishTaxi said...

I can't even stand the smell of whiskey let alone put it my eggnog.

got some hot buttered rum makings now. made in alaska with ice cream.

Niki needs to update her blog:)