Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wylie Rogers is BACK

Whether Wylie plays or not I proudly wear my Alaska Nanooks #34 hockey jersey every game.
Saturday night home game at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks starts at 7:05pm Alaska time. Listen in at KSUA earlier for the pre-game show and the ever popular post game show when the Nooks play on home ice. My nephew goaltender Wylie Rogers started Friday night and played the whole game with 28 saves and the Alaska Nanooks won 4 - 3 against the Bowling Green Falcons.


In other family sports news Niki can be seen here mushing 4 dogs. Neil, TooGood, Chewy, and Brady. Read all about it on her blog with more pictures. Niki's blog I made a big ol' pot of sketti for tonight with Venison Burger and Caribou Sausage. This morning I made Biscuits and gravy with Caribou Sausage. When I talked to Nik she was making spagetti with mooseballs! Anybody else make spagetti for the weekend?


Anonymous said...

Finally got on and read all your postings. Spagetti...we eat out most of the time! I made spagetti at least once a week for over 20 years! Maybe 30...who remembers.

Loved your pictures!


FishTaxi said...

Thanks mom! We all loved your spagetti and everybody but Sue makes it your way by burning the onions. Come to think of it I bet Sue doesn't even make spagetti let alone eat it. hahhahaa

Niki said...

Yay Wylie! I wish channell 2 in Anchorage would show UAF results. I've seen it on here a bunch of times but never anything about the nanooks. Duh. it's like Fbks is another country to them.

tim's 10 yr old grandson asked very politely, "does your spagetti have flavor?" I said "it does, why, don't you like it spicy?" and he said, "I like it spicy, otherwise it's just boring." then when he saw the size of the meatballs he said, "holy cow! they're huge!" and then when he ate one (as soon as I said okay) he said "mmmmm, these are awesome, what is that other taste?" So i told him the family meatball secret. He swore to secrecy.

FishTaxi said...

Chad started last night but after 4 goals Wylie went in and in the end they lost 6-4. It was another exciting high scoring game though. With the new smaller goalie equipment required we can expect more goals per game.

We never see Fairbanks news here except for the swearing in of Gov. Palin at the Carlson Center.

I am going to try like heck to go to the Govenors Cup in Anch this month the 29th and 30th. Be fun if we could all go together. Just need to ask Wylie for tickets and get there.

WHAT?!? you shared our familys secret meatball recipe?!?