Friday, December 08, 2006

Traveling by Bus

After I cabbed it from Sparks, Nevada to Reno Greyhound bus station I had 3 hours to bomb around Reno. From Reno, the bus went to Sacramento, where I had another 3 hours to bomb around California's capitol city. (pictures of Reno & Sacramento coming soon!)
FishTaxi at the Greyhound bus station in Modesto, California. I look cold on a sunny day but in the shade with a little wind it was chilly. Plus my hair was still wet from showering. I was sitting with all my stuff patiently waiting for my bus.
Modesto Public Transportation buses are run on clean, natural GAS! How cool is that? I saw buses in Sacramento that ran on natural gas and really long buses that ran on electricty like the trolley cars in San Francisco.
There were windmills all the way from Modesto to Oakland. Hundreds and hundreds of windmills. I want to get a windmill. The bus drivers were entertaining and there was a sign at the front of the bus that said "No smoking crack on bus allowed." Must have been tried a few times!


K said...

We went to the fights last thursday and they had a windmill there on display. Marty talked to the guy through intermission and hasn't stopped talking about them since. This guy said his will pay for themselves in 2 years. We have a few other major things to do with the house but I think the windmill is getting put on the list.

Thats crazy about the buses running on natural gas. I didn't know they could do that. They should be doing that in anchorage. Does it cut down on the pollution too?

FishTaxi said...

When you guys get your windmill let me know. I would love get one, too. Tell me more!

There is no smell from those natural gas buses. They are quiet, too.

You'd think Alaska would harness wind power and use natural gas in buses. We have enough wind and natural gas!

Anonymous said...

Wind & Gas, sounds like a story on it's own!

K said...