Monday, December 18, 2006

Let it Snow

Today was the first substantial snow Valdez has had since I got back from Outside.

While I was gone it was high winds and bitterly cold everybody tells me.

As you can tell from the picture my Montero hasn't gone anywhere. I've been keeping myself busy inside with a Photoshop brochure for a former employer. Also checking on-line for jobs and am thinking about applying for one in Shemya on an Air Base. I've never been down on the Aleutian Chain.

Theres lots of Alaska I would like to see and experience. Might as well make money while I'm at it.


Anonymous said...

No snow down here in the Valley, but Bogus opens for night sking this Wed. Gavin and I love going at night when not many people are there. See ya.

FishTaxi said...

That way people will be out of your way. haha ~have fun and take pics!