Thursday, December 28, 2006

Let it Snow Video

Heres a picture of "our cabin" taken today. Thats my Montero covered in snow. The dresser is sitting outside because I'm moving stuff around inside. As soon as my snowmachine buddies come over they are going to help me bring it back in. Click the link below for a video of it snowing on youtube. WARNING! I'm singing "Let it Snow" on it!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Now thats snow. Gavin & I went snowboarding last night and it snowed the whole time. When we got off the chair at the top of the Mountain, the wind was blowing so hard, it was like we were on top of Mt. Everest! I only crashed 3 times last night, one when I ran into Gavin. It was the only time he fell all night. You should see him fly down the Mt., NO FEAR. Love, Jimmy

Niki said...

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but your blog is so delightful, we haven't any way to go, cause the Mitsubishi's buried in the snow.

Now Gavin and Jimmy are hopping, down the mountainside a bopping, and it's a good thing they like the snow, cause where they live it's gonna blow and blow.

FishTaxi said...

Jimmy, if it wasn't on tape it didn't happen:)

Niki, where are you when I need you singing with me?

Anonymous said...

Dang! Now that is snow!

judy said...

Well, if your going to have snow, have alot of it. Tonight were going to watch UNH, Maine, Cornell and Western Michigan play hockey in a tournament. UNH is rated 2cd and Maine is 5th in the country. Should be good hockey. Then I'll listen to Wylie's game on the internet. Wylie is starting tonight.
Good luck Wylie and the Nanooks

Anonymous said...

Jeeze-O-Pete's that IS a lot of snow.

Soon as it warms up I'm just dyin to go out and build a snowman - don't ask me why. Snow isn't sticky enough here yet though so I'm stuck waiting.

Have fun with all that, haha. I hope you guys have a snowblower or something!

Anonymous said...

The sun is shining here! I'll check out the snow picture when I get back. Heading out for a haircut!

I'm playing bingo New Year's Eve! Made reservations. Wish you were here! I hate going alone! Dave has to work. I read that Southpoint casino will have dueling pianos till 3am. I'll check it out as long as I'm there. Driving the Ford truck because it's really big and there will be lots of drunks on the road.

Happy New Year to everyone!!