Friday, December 29, 2006

Get Your Stick On Nanooks!

Tonights the night, we've been all waiting for. Its NANOOK HOCKEY night! The Alaska Nanooks are in Anchorage for the second half of the in state coveted Governor's Cup series. Anchorage wants the Cup back bad. Easy on the eggnog, Seawolves -- the Nanooks ... (Keep in mind this story does come from the Anchorage-based Daily News.)

My Nanooks find themselves in a must win situation at the Sully Arena at 7:30pm. The game will be played statewide on GCI cable TV. If you are out of state or in Valdez you can listen on the Radio/Internet.

The new Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be on hand Saturday night to present the trophy.



Niki said...

Govenor Sarah Palin is a communitarian committed to promoting the "common good." It was on her website, I wrote and asked her what she meant and it's been removed.
Here's here "Proclamation" for a Bill of Rights Day", which it a tricky worded communitarian proclamation. Nowhere does it use the word Republic to describe our nation, and the Bill of Rights was not to protect "human rights" (this is a U.N. term introduced by internatinal communists). Democracy is NOT the foundation for our government!

Govenor Palin is a communitarian fraud.
FEMA... are you ready?

Niki said...

As soon as I get audio I can listen to the game. duh. I went to the site thinking I could watch it without the sound. It's 9:48 now... I hope they won!

FishTaxi said...

Nanooks lost 4-1. One goal on the Nanooks was an empty net goal. Wylie played the whole game and he did well. All goals (besides the empty net goal) were power play goals. Seawolves win the cup back. Too bad but Wylie and the Nanooks can get it back his senior year!

I listened to the game on the internet after a late start. I was going crazy there for a while looking for a stream. Then it finally came on KSUA. It was an exciting game. I guess they will play again tomorrow night and present the cup to UAA then.

Not on TV here but that didn't surprise me. Wish you would have been here anyway Nik!

Anonymous said...

Again I forgot to watch. The last time I tried I got nothing.

Thanks for the results.