Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shark Tales with Ryan Musprat

When Alaska junior forward Ryan Musprat is not playing hockey or hitting the books to maintain his high grade point average, you may find him out on the water pursuing one of his other passions. The move to Alaska to play for the Nanooks not only afforded him to play college hockey, but also a chance to enjoy some of the greatest fishing in the world. In his own words Musprat shares his favorite fishing shores in "Fishing in Alaska".

Excerpt from Ryan Musprat's First-Person Story on Fishing in Alaska:

"After a 45-minute battle with this 300 pound Salmon Shark, I finally got it to the boat where the captain gaffed the fish and proceeded to kill it. I was completely exhausted; I had sweated through a T-shirt and a sweatshirt during the battle, and had to take a good 10-minute breather after the fight. Once I caught my shark, it was my dads turn to have a similar experience; being a true fisherman, I would argue that his battle was much easier since my shark was the superior fish of the two. My dad let his fish go after we tagged it for Alaska Fish & Game and my kept shark would supply us around a 100 pounds of meat. Now you are probably asking, why keep shark? Actually, it is not a bad meal, having a similar taste to swordfish."

Read the whole "Tale" here:


Anonymous said...

Grandpa took me out for Shark dinner in San Diego once, I was leary, but it was good. I guess it was the way he said " After eating meals in a prisoner of war camp, you can eat anything ". Not the best way to start your dinner. Love, Jimmy

FishTaxi said...

Did you order a pizza after dinner? lol love yah!

Niki said...

Everett took sharks' tooth pills after he was diagnosed with cancer. He swore it was what kept him alive another ten years. Imagine what a Copper River Red Salmon shark would do for our health!

Moved into my new house yesterday! My little stove barely heats it so I had to close off 1/3 of the room with my sheets. But now I have room for company!