Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Barns of Idaho 2

"The Red Barn"

This barn looks to be in tiptop shape. I like the windows sticking out from the roof. Are those dormers? Old growth trees and new trees provide shade in the summer and a wind break in the winter on this neat farm.

Here is my brother's eloquent comment on the first installment of "Barns od Idaho":

Jimmy said...
Every man ( and woman ) deep down wants a barn. There is nothing that says more about people being real, than a barn ( or the thought of having one ). Is it the animals? The hay loft ( ooh la la ) Or the fact that they were built by hands ( and friends & neighbors hands ). I think it's all of the above. And when their time is up, people like me will build the coolest furniture out of the past we all dream of. Jimmy of Jimmy's Pirate Pub. Check out his site for the coolest furniture projects.


Riverbrat said...

Beautiful Kath. You could publish a book of these photos.

Jimmy said...

Kath, Those arn't windows on that barn, they're vents. The vents on that barn are called "Steeple Vents" Without good vents the hay in the loft would not make a nice place for Ooh La La. Jimmy