Monday, March 05, 2007

Salmon Patty

At this time of year I crave salmon so for an easy quick dinner tonight I made Salmon Patties. Just opened up a can of my Copper River Red freshpack with garlic, added an egg and breadcrumbs. I put some chopped up dill pickles in for variety.
Leftover Pot Salad and a can of peas rounded out the meal. One can of my 1/2 pound canned salmon makes 3 big patties or 5 small ones.
The wind is STILL gusting and no sign of snow in the forcast. Good for the dogs in the Iditarod who love this kind of weather. Go here for a Current Race Update.
Go Dee Dee Jonrowe!!! I root for her every year.


Niki R. said...

I need to come to Valdez just to eat your cookin'! All these pictures make my mouth water. Just because you don't think your potato salad looks good in a pic doesn't mean it doesn't make my saliva drool... I KNOW how good it tastes!

Ryan Redington is in 20th place, and Ray Redington Jr is in 29th. I wonder if Joe Sr. and Vi are watching the race from Heaven.

Anonymous said...

I got my fishing license yesterday and Gavin & I cleaned out our tackle boxes last night. Were ready! Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Looks good Kath!