Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Water is Everything

Swimming was a total blast. Its amazing how hard swimming is. Using everything you got to go for milies and miles. I thought I was doing good and swam 8 laps. Then my swimming coach informed me a lap was down the length of the pool and back. So four laps. All sidestroke. The shower was great! I feel like a new woman.


Barb said...

Where is the pool Kath? I haven't been in the pool here since I got sick. Need to go back as the flab on my arms looks terrible!

I used to lap the pool for 25 - 30 minutes every day when we lived in our doublewide here in Vegas. The pool was heated all winter! Haven't done much since we moved.

It's great excercise and you also get a nice tan! We have a nice pool here but when we move to Pahrump there will be no pool. I asked the owner when he was going to put one in and he said as soon as he had enough spaces filled. I wonder if that will ever be.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

FishTaxi said...

Mom, the pool is at the high school. SO no tanning involved in this indoor pool. I'm going swimming Mon, Wed and Friday nights for...the rest of my life! Its $3.00 a night but we can buy monthly passes which we'll do next month.