Friday, March 02, 2007


Fast post and update: NANOOKS win 3-2 in overtime!
Intermitant power outages in Valdez.


Niki R. said...

Great news! whoo hoo Nanooks!

FishTaxi said...

yah, my dsl was coming and going. Lost it at the start of the overtime. Got it back in 5 mins just long enough to hear Lucas Burnett (Bruno) scored for the win!

THen the power went out. Got it back, posted and shut ol nellie (my puter) off the night while lights flickered in the wind.

Calm today!

Barb said...

Bad weather everywhere but here I think. Winter is almost over...upper 70's by the end of next week! I think I'll put on my swim suit and sit at the pool. Get a little color!

I'll call you later as I took some real nice pictures of the Chineese New Year's flower display at the Bellagio. All I need to do is get them out of the camera!