Monday, March 19, 2007

"Barns of Idaho" Installment 1

This is a series of 17 barn pictures I took when I was outside last fall. I'm calling the series "Barns of Idaho" when some of barns could be in western Montana (off of Hwy 93 and Route 200) and the border of Idaho and eastern Washington (Hwy 95 and Route 6).

Most all of the barn series pictures were snapped from a moving 1989 Fleetwood Bounder. So no story behind them. I just like barn pictures.


Anonymous said...

Every man ( and woman ) deep down wants a barn. There is nothing that says more about people being real, than a barn ( or the thought of having one ). Is it the animals? The hay loft ( ooh la la ) Or the fact that they were built by hands ( and friends & neighbors hands ). I think it's all of the above. And when their time is up, people like me will build the coolest furniture out of the past we all dream of. Jimmy

FishTaxi said...

Jimmy- that was beautiful. Your barn furniture is more than beautiful, its ooo la lah!

Kiana said...

I love barns too - and I am very curious about the "barn furniture". Sounds very cool.