Thursday, March 29, 2007

Steller Days Ahead

Today was a great snow tanning day and more to come! By snow tanning I mean I put on shorts and a tank top with boots on and shovel snow in the sun. I pull my hair up and put baby oil on and burn, baby, burn. Today I chipped away at the snow pile covering the front window. By tomorrow, Mr. FishTaxi, can take the board down he puts up to protect the window from falling snow. I love this time of year. No bugs and the reflection from the snow helps the tanning process. The heat of the workout keeps me warm enough (with a little help from nips of coffee brandy). Good times!


Kiana said...

Kathy, you rock. Thank you so much for your comments, you really know how to make a gal feel better.

Jim said...

Yeah yeah yeah! Know just what you mean as I've been *loving* these intense sun-on-the-snow days. Can you imagine 40 degrees? YeeHaw!

I know this is tempting fate, but after I took a shower today I didn't put back on my longjohn bottoms. Just one layer of cloth between me and the air now.

Ahhhhhh - spring!

Riverbrat said...

It must feel great to come out of hibernation.