Thursday, March 22, 2007

Funny Snow

Valdez got about a foot of fresh snow overnight. It is a wet, spring snow and looks pretty after weeks of windy weather. We can laugh at this snow because we know the end of the snow season is near. This picture was taken out of my frontroom window. Those are trees we planted 14 years ago on the property line.

I've been shoveling snow, hauling water (water table went down) and feeling GREAT! Whatever it was I had went away. I am now looking for work again. Thanks for all the well wishes. It worked!


Riverbrat said...

Hey, I like your new photo. Kath, I took a tumble on my walk yesterday morning. First I wanted to die of embarrasment, now I want to die because of the pain. I don't ever want to fall again or at least in the near future. When is your birthday??

Bye for now.


FishTaxi said...

Thanks RiverBrat, I'm glad you didn't break anything in your fall. My birthday is 10 days before the Pirate's birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...and who's birthday is it today?

Anonymous said...

It keeps snowing for you guys, wow! Tuesday night was my last trip to Bogus for snowboarding this year. I made it thru the season without getting hurt again!!! It sure feels good feeling good again does'nt it? Jimmy

Riverbrat said...

I give up. Who's birthday is it, or was it?