Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Money Makers

That little bit of snow we got briefly, before the big winds came, got blown around. Drifts measured in feet are everywhere. With the chill factor of zero degrees Valdez fuel companys are busy making money hand over foot. The new Model 2400 Monitor heater has worked wonders this above average windy cold winter. It has cut our fuel consumption by almost half!

Loader operators were glad that the little bit of snow we've had in the last month and half got blown around. They were needed to plow out driveways of the drifted snow. Charging between $45-60 a whack.

Mr. FishTaxi works out a deal with this loader guy by bartering his skills with theres. He does the annuals on their commercial equipment and trucks.

As far as my Sacroiliitis goes the pain meds are helping. I don't relish the fact that I could need them the rest of my life. What I had this last week was considered a "flare up". Standing, walking and stretching exercises are helping but there is no way I can do crunches just yet. Losing 20 pounds and getting my ligaments around my pelvis toned will help, too. Diet, exercise and lots of water prevail. I also found out there is a connection between Scoliosis and Sacroiliitis.
Thanks for all the help. Especially all my friends at Whole Wheat Radio. Jimbob put a link up on the main page calling out for firsthand information. From that I got a lot of feedback. Thanks so much Jimbob. He's my internet buddy:)


Anonymous said...

And smoking. You don't mention it but you have to quit smoking.

Barb said...

Life gives us these problems. Age brings them on. Do you have good insurance?

Walking every day helps keep us healthy. I go into the hospital April 10th for the angioplasty on my legs. I stay overnight then go home. Then I should be able to walk without pain! I'm looking forward to that.

Tomorrow I have the colonoscopy. Today no food and at 4:30 I start drinking a gallon of crap to make me sit on the potty for hours. Isn't that exciting?? So far so good. I had eggdrop soup for brunch. Just had another cup of chicken broth. I'm not really hungry unless I think about it.

I'm glad the pain pills are helping. I still haven't looked it up yet


judy said...

Kathy, I just got on the computer for the first time this week. Sorry to hear about your Scoliosis. Wow, I think the stretching exercisies are good for everything. I'll see what research I can do this weekend.
I'll email you too.
Love Do